My name is Samantha Karandagoda.

Just call me “Sam”!

I can help you (or your workforce) to perform better in their work by enhancing vital skills for work.

The “Microsoft Excel Training” that I offer had helped over 1000 professionals to save 100,000s of hours at work collectively, by utilising the powerful techniques and short-cuts that I have trained them on.

It isn’t the only way I help you.

  • “Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training” that I offer has helped hundreds of Managers to overcome their fear of public speaking & presentations. Resulting in better sales pitches, enjoyable review meetings and happy bosses!
  • “Problem Solving & Decision Making Training” offered by me has helped hundreds of executives & supervisors to overcome some of the pressing issues at work and allowed them to solve problems without adding more conflicts among the teams!
  • “Supervisor Development Program” is another way that I help your company to become a better place for everyone (yes, more profits for the owners too 😉 ). We ensure your supervisors will harness a business oriented attitude, acquire skills to manage the teams better and of course take action to add value through “Continuous Improvement Projects” we get them to do.

That’s all?

  • Not really… me & my colleagues at “Cognito Asia” have develop many customised training programs to cater the need of over 30 leading companies in Sri Lanka. So please let us know your pain points in the work force w.r.t. behaviours and performance, for which we’ll make the right magical formula to relieve the pain!

Before you go;

  • If you ever feel your CV isn’t doing it’s job too well right now, please look at my CV Guidance videos (click here) to understand some of the fundamentals. Those videos were created with the entry level job seeker in mind, but the professionals who are looking at their next move also can find it useful. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a personalised coaching session on CV & career progress if you need one.

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